Weaselzippers – The Conservative News Site Taking On the Liberal Media

Weaselzippers is a conservative news and political commentary website that aims to expose bias in the mainstream media. Founded in 2004, it has grown into one of the most popular conservative sites on the web.

Key Takeaways

  • Weaselzippers was created in 2004 to be an alternative to liberal media bias.
  • It is focused on providing commentary and aggregation of news with a conservative perspective.
  • The site has grown to over 2 million pageviews per day and has a dedicated right-leaning readership.
  • Weaselzippers is known for its irreverent tone and calling out hypocrisy on both sides of the political spectrum.

Weaselzippers was started in 2004 by conservative blogger Jim Robinson who was frustrated with liberal media bias and wanted to create a site to counter it from a right-leaning perspective. The site took off quickly, finding an audience hungry for commentary providing an alternative viewpoint to mainstream outlets.

History and Background

The site is named as a joking reference to sites like Daily Kos and Democratic Underground which Robinson considered to have a leftward slant. The mascot is a weasel wearing a zippered sweatshirt, highlighting the irreverent nature of the site.

Some key milestones in Weaselzippers’ growth:

  • 2004 – Site launched by Jim Robinson of Free Republic
  • 2008 – Gained popularity during the Obama vs McCain election cycle
  • 2012 – Brought on additional contributors and increased updates
  • 2016 – Reached over 2 million pageviews per day during Trump vs Clinton election

The site has focused on providing political news and commentary from a conservative, right-leaning perspective. It isn’t officially affiliated with any political party or organization but caters to a conservative readership.

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Content and Coverage

Some of the key content features and coverage areas of Weaselzippers:

  • Aggregation – Curates news stories from around the web that align with a conservative perspective. Allows readers to get news curated to their viewpoint.
  • Commentary – The site’s authors provide short commentary posts providing opinions and analysis on news of the day from a right-leaning stance. Often attempt to expose media bias.
  • Culture War Focus – Significant focus on content around “culture war” issues like cancel culture, gender issues, race, and political correctness.
  • Irreverent Tone – Posts often use satire, nicknames and irreverent language to mock liberal politicians and cultural trends.
  • Inside News – At times provides inside Washington news scoops and rumors sourced anonymously from Congressional staffers and insiders.

The site covers both political news and cultural issues, all from an edgy right-wing perspective. This fills an underserved niche for readers who perceive mainstream outlets like NYTimes and CNN as having a liberal slant.

Readership and Popularity

Weaselzippers has become one of the most heavily trafficked conservative news and commentary sites. Some key statistics:

  • Over 2 million pageviews per day
  • Alexa ranking of top 5,000 sites in the US
  • Roughly 85% of readers identify as conservative
  • Highly engaged audience – over 20,000 comments per day

The site has succeeded in cultivating a loyal, engaged readership of politically conservative Americans. Most readers visit multiple times per day to get news and commentary tailored to their right-leaning viewpoint.

The irreverent, humorous tone and calling out of perceived media bias and hypocrisy has struck a chord. Weaselzippers gives readers commentary that aligns with their perspective, while having fun mocking liberal elites.

This loyal following has turned Weaselzippers into a major force in conservative media despite operating on a relatively small budget. It proves there is a significant anti-mainstream sentiment among portions of the right.

Impact and Controversies

As a site catering to a partisan conservative viewpoint, Weaselzippers has naturally stirred some controversies over the years.

Some of the accusations leveled at the site and its impact:

  • Often accused of bias and selecting stories only to advance a narrative, similar to complaints against mainstream outlets
  • Provocative commentary frequently stirs outrage from liberal readers
  • Particularly controversial for columns on race, gender, and Islam which many find offensive
  • Published rumors about political opponents without verification at times
  • Overall impact is increased polarization as it preaches to the right-wing choir

Defenders argue Weaselzippers provides an alternative perspective to balance out mainstream media dominance by outlets like NYTimes. However it is certainly not an objective news source and intentionally deals in controversial partisan commentary.

Regardless of one’s view, Weaselzippers has unequivocally established itself as a home for unapologetic right-wing commentary. It captures a significant portion of conservative readers who perceive mainstream media as hostile to their viewpoint.

The Future

It remains to be seen how Weaselzippers will evolve in the years ahead now that it has become an established presence.

Some possibilities for the future:

  • Continues current model as a popular site for aggregation and commentary catering to conservatives
  • Struggles to maintain relevance and traffic as demographics shift leftward
  • Gets acquired by a larger right-wing media company
  • Looks to broaden appeal and reduce divisive rhetoric and sensationalism
  • Launches additional vertical sites to extend the brand into new conservative niches

Regardless, the site has cemented itself as a key voice in the conservative mediasphere. It provides commentary and news curation for right-leaning readers who perceive mainstream outlets as hostile. Despite a divisive impact, Weaselzippers has found there is a large audience that seeks out the perspective it provides.

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