The Light Once Again Chapter 31

Into The Light Once Again Chapter 31 Summary and Analysis

Here are the key takeaways from Into The Light Once Again Chapter 31:

  • Tianming emerges from the stone coffin and sees Guan Yifan’s body
  • He is shocked and sad to see Guan Yifan has died
  • Tianming reflects on his life and prepares to move on into the unknown
  • The key themes are death, reflection, and moving forward


Chapter 31 of Into The Light Once Again sees some major developments unfold for Tianming. After being sealed inside a stone coffin by Guan Yifan in the previous chapter, Tianming finally emerges to continue on his journey. However, he is met with a shocking and sad sight – Guan Yifan’s body lying lifeless on the ground. This chapter focuses on Tianming’s reaction to Guan Yifan’s death, his reflections on his life, and his preparations to move forward into the unknown.

Tianming Emerges and Sees Guan Yifan’s Body

After an indeterminate amount of time sealed inside the stone coffin, Tianming finally manages to break free. As he emerges, the first thing he sees is Guan Yifan’s body lying on the ground:

As the stone lid fell to the ground, the first thing Tianming saw was Guan Yifan’s body.

This is a huge shock to Tianming. He kneels down and checks Guan Yifan for signs of life, but realizes that his savior and friend has indeed passed away while Tianming was sealed in the coffin.

Tianming’s Grief and Reflection

Tianming is filled with grief and sadness at Guan Yifan’s death. He reflects on their friendship and everything Guan Yifan did to protect him and teach him over the years:

Guan Yifan had sacrificed his life to buy time for Tianming. He didn’t abandon Tianming in his most helpless moment, but gave him a chance to turn peril into safety.

Tianming suddenly realized that he knew almost nothing about Guan Yifan’s past and his origin. All he was certain of was that this extraordinary man had helped him time and again with no thought of reward.

These reflections show how much Guan Yifan meant to Tianming. Even though their time together was relatively short, Guan Yifan made a huge impact on Tianming’s life.

Preparing to Move On

After grieving for a period, Tianming realizes he must move on and continue his journey and quest for answers. He takes Guan Yifan’s sword and other belongings, cremates Guan Yifan’s body, and bids his dear friend farewell.

“Teacher, thank you. I will remember everything you did for me, but it’s time for me to walk the rest of this road myself.”

After a deep bow to the remnants of the pyre, Tianming turned and strode into the lush forest. The sun was rising, silhouetting the swaying trees against the golden dawn.

This shows Tianming’s resolve and determination to keep moving forward, even in the face of such sadness and loss. He knows Guan Yifan would want him to carry on.

Key Themes

  • Death – Guan Yifan’s death shows the impermanence of life and reminds Tianming that death awaits everyone eventually.
  • Reflection – Tianming takes time to reflect on his past with Guan Yifan and what he learned from him. Looking back helps him gain perspective.
  • Moving Forward – Despite his grief, Tianming knows he must find the strength to continue on his quest into the unknown future.


In Chapter 31 of Into The Light Once Again, Tianming is dealt a heavy emotional blow with Guan Yifan’s death. However, he does not let the grief overtake him. Instead, he takes time to reflect, pays respects to his dear friend, and then gathers the resolve to carry on and walk into the future. This shows Tianming’s emotional strength and ability to process loss in a healthy way while maintaining the determination to keep striving forward even amidst hardship.

Table summarizing key events:

Tianming emerges from coffinAfter unknown time, Tianming breaks free from the stone coffin he was sealed in.
Sees Guan Yifan’s bodyTianming sees his friend’s lifeless body on the ground and is shocked.
Grieves Guan Yifan’s deathTianming is filled with sadness and reflects on their friendship.
Prepares to move onAfter a period of grief, Tianming prepares to continue his journey alone.

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