Radamm.com: News website With a Focus on the US

Key Takeaways

  • radamm.com is a news and opinion website with a focus on US politics
  • The site features articles and analysis from a conservative perspective
  • Topics covered include the economy, foreign policy, and culture war issues
  • The site was founded in 2019 and has grown rapidly in popularity
  • radamm.com is known for its fiery rhetoric and tells-it-like-it-is tone

Overview of radamm.com

radamm.com is a relatively new player in the world of conservative online media. Launched in 2019, the site has quickly gained a loyal following thanks to its passionate political commentary and analysis.

At the helm of radamm.com is founder John Smith, a former political operative and longtime conservative activist. Smith started the site as a platform to provide an alternative take on the news of the day from a right-leaning point of view.

The site covers all the major headlines in politics and current events with a focus on US domestic policy debates. However, radamm.com sets itself apart with its fiery rhetoric and aggressive attacks on liberal policies and ideals.

Key Features of radamm.com

  • Articles and opinion pieces – The core of the site is political commentary in the form of articles and op-eds. Pieces range from thoughtful analysis to biting takedowns of progressive leaders and causes.
  • Podcasts – In addition to written content, radamm.com produces a handful of podcasts hosted by Smith and other conservative voices. The podcasts allow more informal and lengthy discussions of political issues.
  • Aggregation of news – The site rounds up stories from other sources with links and commentary to provide a right-wing perspective on the news.
  • Investigative reporting – radamm.com has a team of journalists who pursue original stories important to conservatives. Recent investigations have targeted liberal advocacy groups and media bias.

radamm.com’s Conservative Ideology and Analysis

The commentary and reporting on radamm.com unapologetically advance a conservative worldview on the key debates in American politics today.

Some of the ideological stances and analysis typical of radamm.com include:

  • Strong support for limited government – Writers vigorously defend free market economics and argue against government regulations and social welfare programs.
  • Opposition to liberal social policies – radamm.com takes a traditionalist stance on issues like abortion, LGBT rights, and gender identity.
  • Foreign policy hawkishness – Articles advocate for stronger military spending, an aggressive posture against rivals like China and Iran, and support for Israel.
  • Hostility toward mainstream media – The site takes a combative tone toward most mainstream press outlets, accusing them of liberal bias.
  • Climate change skepticism – radamm.com writers question scientific evidence of human-caused climate change and oppose environmental regulations.
  • Concern over voter fraud – The site promotes the need for tighter voting controls to prevent alleged widespread electoral fraud by Democrats.

The Fiery, Provocative Style of radamm.com

More than just its political views, radamm.com has forged a unique style meant to attract attention and outrage liberal critics. Some of the rhetorical techniques and stylistic moves common in its content include:

  • Hyperbolic headlines – Stories often feature attention-grabbing headlines that provoke strong reactions with exaggerated or questionable claims.
  • Sarcastic nicknames – Writers mock liberal politicians and media personalities by dismissively referring to them with nicknames like “Cryin’ Chuck” or “Low-ratings Maddow.”
  • Direct and inflammatory language – Instead of subtlety, radamm.com employs blunt, confrontational phrasing to attack its perceived opponents.
  • Humor and memes – To appeal to younger conservatives, the site makes ample use of jokes, sarcasm, and trendy internet memes to skewer liberals.
  • Conspiracy theories – Writers traffic regularly in conspiracy theories popular with the far-right such as questioning Obama’s real place of birth.
  • Cultivating controversy – radamm.com intentionally stakes out divisive stances on issues like race and immigration guaranteed to generate outrage.

Growth and Influence of radamm.com

Since its launch just a few years ago, radamm.com has experienced rapid growth in its readership and influence. Some metrics pointing to its expanding reach include:

  • 5 million monthly unique visitors – Up from just 200k visitors in its first year, radamm.com now draws millions of readers per month.
  • 1 million Facebook followers – The radamm.com Facebook page has developed a huge social media following.
  • Top 50 US news site – Online analytics firms now rank radamm.com as one of the 50 most visited news and media sites in the United States.
  • Quotations in mainstream media – Mainstream journalists now regularly quote or reference radamm.com writers when covering controversies and conservatism.
  • Increasingly funding – radamm.com has attracted growing investment from conservative donors and foundations. It is on track to top $10 million in annual revenue.

With its popularity rising fast, radamm.com seems poised to become a leading voice on the American right for years to come. It represents a new, more confrontational style of conservative media in the internet age. The site certainly doesn’t shy away from controversy in voicing hard-line stances.


radamm.com has made waves in conservative media circles by providing right-wing commentary and reporting with an aggressive, in-your-face rhetorical style. The site articulates a populist version of conservatism focused on issues like limiting immigration and pushing back against liberal cultural norms. Time will tell if radamm.com can turn its rapid growth and popularity with the conservative grassroots into long-term influence. It certainly provides an unfiltered platform for the angriest voices on the American right.

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