How fit18 Provides the Motivation and Know-How To Get In Shape

  • fit18 is a web application that helps users track their fitness and nutrition.
  • It offers customized meal and workout plans.
  • fit18 connects with wearable devices to track progress.
  • The app provides access to trainers and nutritionists for extra guidance.
  • fit18 aims to make achieving fitness goals easy and sustainable.

Introduction to fit18

fit18 is a web-based application designed to help users take control of their fitness journey. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, train for a marathon or just generally improve your health, fit18 provides the tools to make it happen.

With customized meal and workout plans, progress tracking and access to trainers, fit18 takes the guesswork out of getting fit. This makes it easier to stay motivated and focused on your goals.

Here is an overview of the key features and benefits of using fit18:

Customized Plans

  • Get weekly meal plans tailored to your nutrition goals, dietary needs and food preferences. Plans come with grocery lists and easy recipes.
  • Receive personalized workout plans suited to your fitness level and goals. Plans adjust as you progress.
  • Access plans on the go with the fit18 mobile app. Log meals, exercises and progress on the go.

Progress Tracking

  • Connect fit18 with wearable devices like Fitbit to automatically track steps, calories burned, heart rate and sleep.
  • Log weight, measurements and progress photos to see your improvement over time.
  • Track trends, analyze data and stay motivated with fit18’s comprehensive dashboards and graphs.

Expert Guidance

  • Get weekly tips and check-ins from certified trainers to ensure you exercise safely and effectively.
  • Consult with registered dietitians and nutritionists for meal planning guidance or to adjust your diet as needed.
  • Join group challenges and communities for extra accountability and support in reaching your goals.

With these features working together seamlessly, fit18 provides a comprehensive and convenient solution for getting fit.

Benefits of Using fit18

Using fit18 to support your fitness journey provides many benefits beyond convenience and saving time. Here are some of the top reasons people choose fit18:

Achieve Goals Faster

  • Custom plans tailored to your goals get you results faster than a generic workout or diet.
  • Having everything laid out takes out the planning and guesswork that can slow progress.
  • Expert guidance optimizes your efforts so every minute spent exercising and meal logged counts.

Build Healthy Habits

  • Weekly plans and tracking make healthy eating and regular workouts a habit over time.
  • Community forums and challenges provide accountability and extra motivation to stick to your plans.
  • As you reach milestones, fit18 adjusts your habits to maintain results long-term.

Gain Knowledge

  • Learn proper form, technique and how to safely progress for each exercise in your workout plans.
  • Understand how your nutrition choices impact your body composition, energy levels, sleep and more.
  • Access a library of articles, videos and live Q&As with experts to expand your knowledge over time.

Save Time

  • Spend less time researching and planning meals and workouts each week.
  • Let fit18 track and log your progress automatically from wearables instead of manual entry.
  • Get grocery deliveries of your meal plan ingredients to save trips to the store.

Stay Motivated

  • Tracking progress and visualizing achievements keeps you motivated to push harder.
  • Connecting with the fit18 community provides accountability, inspiration and encouragement.
  • Expert guidance adjusts your approach if you hit plateaus or feel demotivated along the way.

With all of these benefits combined, fit18 empowers users to get fit, stay healthy and feel their best in a way that fits their lifestyle.

fit18 Features Explained

fit18 offers a robust platform of features to support you through every step of your fitness journey. Here is a detailed look at how the key parts of fit18 work:

Customized Meal Plans

fit18’s meal planning starts with an in-depth questionnaire about your nutrition goals, dietary needs, food preferences, cooking skills and more. This data is used to generate custom meal plans with the following features:

  • Macro nutrient targets – Your plan aims to reach your ideal protein, carb and fat intake each day and week based on your goals.
  • Calorie target – Daily and weekly calorie totals are tailored to your goal of losing, gaining or maintaining weight.
  • Food preferences – Meals feature the foods you enjoy and exclude any you dislike or are allergic to.
  • Nutritional balance – Meals and snacks provide a nutritional balance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients tailored to your needs.
  • Grocery integration – Grocery lists allow meal plan ingredients to be ordered or delivered from partner grocery services.
  • Simplicity – Recipes with simple ingredients and easy instructions cater to your cooking skill level.
  • Variety – Meal options provide enough variety throughout each week to keep your nutrition plan interesting.
  • Flexibility – You can adjust or swap meals based on how you feel that day or leftover ingredients.

This customized approach takes the effort out of planning nutritious and enjoyable meals.

Personalized Workout Plans

Creating your workout plan starts by setting your fitness goals and providing details on your current ability level, exercise history, equipment access and workout schedule availability. fit18 uses this information to create workout plans with the following features:

  • Goal focus – The plan targets your desired goal, whether muscle gain, weight loss, running further or simply moving more.
  • Exercise types – A variety of exercises like strength training, HIIT and cardio are incorporated based on your preferences.
  • Difficulty – Workout length, sets, reps and intensity match your current ability so you are challenged but not overwhelmed.
  • Exercise instructions – Video demos and tips teach you proper exercise form and technique for safety and effectiveness.
  • Progressive – The plan gets more difficult over time to continually challenge your growing fitness level.
  • Rest and recovery – Enough rest days and deload weeks are built-in to support muscle growth and prevent overtraining.
  • Flexibility – You can reschedule workouts and swap exercises in based on your schedule and access to equipment.

With personalized workout plans, you can get fit efficiently without wasting time on mismatched or ineffective exercises.

Progress Tracking and Analytics

The key to staying motivated and reaching your goals is tracking your progress consistently. fit18 makes this easy by:

  • Connecting apps and wearables – Automatically sync your calorie burn, activity levels, heart rate and sleep data from Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, Apple Health and other apps.
  • Weight and measurements – Log your weight, body measurements and progress photos through the fit18 dashboard.
  • Comprehensive graphs and reports – Visually track your fitness path with graphs showing weight changes, body measurements, calorie intake, macro nutrients, workout frequency and more.
  • Goal analysis – Reports summarize your progress towards your ideal weight, body measurements, workout frequency and other goals.
  • Calorie and macro tracking – Log meals through the fit18 food database to easily track calories and macro intake versus your plan.
  • Exercise logging – Log your workouts completed through the fit18 workout dashboard.

With robust tracking and reporting, you can visualize your achievements and identify changes needed to keep improving.

Connecting with Coaches

Getting expert guidance is key to avoiding mistakes and reaching your potential. fit18 connects you with certified coaches in two ways:

Assigned trainer

  • A personal trainer is assigned to you upon joining fit18. They provide weekly check-ins and create custom video tips.
  • You can message your trainer anytime through the app with questions or to request plan adjustments if needed.
  • Your trainer may suggest form corrections or exercise substitutions based on your progress.

On-demand coaching

  • Get quick video chat coaching sessions with the click of a button during your workout if you need help.
  • Consult with registered dietitians and nutritionists to review your meal plan and eating habits.
  • Join livestreamed and on-demand classes for motivation and extra knowledge on fitness topics.

With your dedicated trainer and on-demand access to coaches, you always have support to help you reach your potential.

Getting Started with fit18

Ready to achieve your fitness goals with fit18? Here is a quick step-by-step guide to getting started:

1. Set up your account

Go to and click Sign Up. Choose a plan and enter your payment details.

2. Take the onboarding questionnaire

After signing up, you’ll answer questions so we can tailor your plans.

3. Connect apps and wearables

Link services like MyFitnessPal and Fitbit to begin automatically syncing your tracking data.

4. Review your customized plans

Check the recommended meal and workout plans inside the fit18 dashboard. Adjust or approve them.

5. Begin following your plans

Start working out using the video instructions and track your progress. Stick to the meal plans and grocery orders.

6. Connect with your trainer

Introduce yourself to your assigned trainer and ask any questions you have as you get started.

7. Lean on the community

Join the fit18 Facebook groups and forums to stay motivated through conversations with like-minded people.

8. Adjust your plan as needed

Communicate with your trainer if you need to make tweaks to your plan based on your progress, schedule or abilities.

With fit18’s personalized approach, convenient tracking and expert support, you have everything you need to go from out of shape to fit and healthy. Start your journey today!

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