Eaglercraft Github

Eaglercraft Github

Eaglercraft is an open-source Minecraft clone that runs entirely in web browsers. Developed by a programmer known as 3kh0, Eaglercraft replicates the look, feel, and gameplay of Minecraft 1.5.2 while running smoothly in browsers. The project code is hosted in a GitHub repository allowing developers to contribute.

Key Takeaways

  • Eaglercraft is a Minecraft clone that runs in browsers created by 3kh0
  • It is an open source project hosted on GitHub allowing developers to contribute
  • Players can enjoy singleplayer and multiplayer Minecraft experiences without installing software
  • The GitHub repository contains the code to run the Eaglercraft game client and server
  • Eaglercraft supports many Minecraft 1.5.2 features but runs much faster due to browser optimizations

About Eaglercraft

Eaglercraft delivers the core Minecraft experience of creative and survival gameplay completely for free using web technology. The project started in 2013 with the goal of bringing Minecraft to platforms where users cannot install programs.

The game represents the Minecraft 1.5.2 release featuring:

  • Singleplayer sandbox creative and survival modes
  • Multiplayer online servers for cooperative and competitive play
  • The ability to modify gameplay with mods and plugins
  • Support for texture packs to change the look of the game
  • game client that runs natively in browsers
  • game server program to host online Eaglercraft worlds

These capabilities make Eaglercraft highly accessible. The game runs on nearly any computer through a standards-compliant web browser.

Eaglercraft Github Repository

The Eaglercraft project is developed as an open source initiative hosted on GitHub. The repository contains all code comprising the Eaglercraft game client and server.

Developers can contribute to Eaglercraft by submitting improvements as pull requests on GitHub. The project accepts contributions like:

  • New features and gameplay mechanics
  • Bug fixes and performance optimizations
  • Support for more Minecraft functionality
  • Improved graphics, textures, and visuals
  • Enhancements to the game modding APIs

The Eaglercraft Github repository represents a community effort to build a free Minecraft for the web. The developer community continues improving Eaglercraft by contributing code changes that add new capabilities and fix issues.

Key Features

Eaglercraft on GitHub replicates the core Minecraft experience with these key features:

  • First-person 3D world – Explore and build in a blocky 3D generated world
  • Survival mode – Gather resources, craft tools, and survive against monsters
  • Creative mode – Unlimited blocks and flying for freeform building
  • Multiplayer servers – Play online PvP games and collaborate on shared worlds
  • Mods and plugins – Customize gameplay by installing modifications
  • Native browser graphics – Leverages HTML5 for fast performance without plugins
  • Mobile support – Touch controls for gameplay on phones and tablets

Despite running natively in browsers, Eaglercraft provides fluid gameplay comparable to the desktop Minecraft experience. The use of HTML5 instead of Java allows it to outperform similar web-based Minecraft clones.

Playing Eaglercraft Github

Gamers can start playing Eaglercraft directly from the Github project page without any installation:

  1. Go to the Eaglercraft Github repository
  2. Scroll down and click “Try it now”
  3. The game will launch and automatically connect to the default server
  4. Begin playing instantly on survival or creative mode

Alternatively, players can also find multiplayer Eaglercraft servers to join and play online with others. Servers allow forming communities with chat, ranks, warps, minigames, and persistent worlds.

Since Eaglercraft runs cross-platform out of the box, even school Chromebooks blocked from installing programs can freely access Minecraft experiences through Eaglercraft’s browser-based approach.


Eaglercraft brings the legendary Minecraft game into web browsers through an open source GitHub project. Developed by 3kh0 and contributors, Eaglercraft accurately replicates Minecraft 1.5.2 gameplay using HTML5 for high performance. Gamers can instantly start playing singleplayer and multiplayer Eaglercraft for free directly from GitHub without any downloads or signups. As an open platform, the possibilities are endless for the project community to shape the future of browser-based Minecraft gaming.

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