Is 2064532329 an Amazon Driver or a Scam Call?

Amazon delivery drivers sometimes call customers to confirm delivery details or resolve any delivery issues. However, scammers are also known to spoof Amazon driver numbers to try and get personal information from unsuspecting customers. So how do you know if a call from 2064532329 is from a real Amazon driver or a potential scam? Here are some key takeaways:

  • Check the number online to see if others have reported it as an Amazon driver number or a scam call. Some websites track phone numbers and user reports can help identify scams.
  • Ask for the driver’s name and delivery details to verify if it matches an expected Amazon delivery. Scammers typically won’t have order specifics.
  • Never give out personal information like credit card details, Amazon account details etc. Amazon will never ask for these over a call.
  • If in doubt, call Amazon customer service to check if the call is legitimate. Don’t use any phone numbers provided by the caller.

Identifying 2064532329 Online

  • Some user reports online identify 2064532329 as an Amazon driver number for the Richmond, Virginia area.
  • However, others flag it as a scam call trying to get personal information by posing as Amazon.
  • Overall there are mixed reviews on the number, so online reports remain inconclusive.

Ways to Verify if the Call is From an Amazon Driver

  • Ask for delivery details – Legitimate Amazon drivers can provide your name, order ID, delivery address and other shipment specifics. Scammers won’t have these.
  • Ask for driver’s name – Note the name and verify it matches when the delivery arrives. Scammers won’t be able to provide accurate driver info.
  • Call Amazon to check – Look up the Amazon customer service number yourself and call them to check if the call is legitimate. Don’t use any numbers the caller provides.
  • Check the delivery map – In the Amazon app or order details, see if the delivery map shows an ‘out for delivery’ status at your location. This indicates a legit delivery.

Red Flags that Indicate a Scam Call

  • Asking for personal information like your Amazon login, password, or full credit card number. Amazon will never ask for these.
  • Threatening to cancel your order or charge you extra fees if you don’t provide information.
  • Aggressive insistence on getting your personal info and not providing delivery specifics when asked.
  • Spoofed caller ID to display a number matching Amazon’s customer service number format.
  • Asking you to pay for the delivery in gift cards or pre-paid debit cards instead of charging your card on file.

How Scammers Try to Get Your Personal Information

Modus OperandiThings They May Ask For
Pretending there is an issue delivering your package and asking for personal info to resolve it.Full credit card details, CVV code, Amazon account login
Claiming your Amazon account has been compromised and they need info to verify your identity.Login password, Social security number, bank details
Posing as an Amazon employee needing to verify account details due to suspicious activity.Full debit/credit card numbers, CVV codes, driver’s license info

The key is never to provide sensitive personal information over a call, even if the caller ID looks legitimate. Always independently verify the caller’s identity directly with Amazon before sharing any data. Be especially wary of calls out of the blue asking for financial information. Legitimate Amazon drivers will never ask for such details over a call.

How to Handle a Call from 2064532329

  • Don’t provide any personal info if the call seems suspicious or you can’t verify the driver’s identity.
  • Note the driver’s name and delivery details for verification later if it seems legitimate.
  • To be safe, you can also decline providing any info over the call and say you will only share it at the time of delivery.
  • Call Amazon customer service yourself to check if the call is legit.
  • If you receive repeated scam calls, notify Amazon customer service to alert them of the issue.
  • You can also report the phone number to the FTC Do Not Call registry to potentially block further calls.

The bottom line is exercising caution if you receive a call from 2064532329. Scammers are known to impersonate Amazon drivers to try and steal personal information. Always independently verify the caller’s identity with Amazon before providing any info over the phone, to ensure you avoid falling victim to a scam.

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